The 411 on CLA’s and Grass-Fed Beef

The 411 on CLA’s and Grass-Fed Beef

Did you know our grass-fed and finished beef is rich in “Conjugated Linoleic Acid”?

CLA is a fatty acid with a wide range of potential health benefits including:

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT:  CLA promotes fat burning and reduces fat storage for a leaner you.

IMMUNE BOOST:  CLA’s anti-inflammatory properties strengthen your immune system.

DISEASE DEFERENCE:  Guard against heart issues, cancer and diabetes with CLA’s protective effects.

BONE HEALTH:  Increase in bone density and say goodbye to osteoporosis worries.

MUSCLE BOOST:  Build and maintain muscle mass for a stronger, fitter you.

BRAIN POWER:  Sharpen your mind and protect against cognitive decline with CLA.

Why Grass-Fed:  Our cows munch on omega-3-rich grass produced from our use of regenerative agricultural practices.  This gives you a healthier, tastier option than grain-fed beef.  This also allows our animals to be more humanely raised, out in the open pastures instead of a compact feedlot where our animals get to choose what they want to eat.  Kind of like a growing salad bar, versus the GMO laden diet of heavy grains and additives to promote quick growth.

These are just a few of the reasons why grass-fed vs. grain finished is so beneficial to consider when it comes to choosing your meat.  Put your health first and order your box today.

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