What Is the Leanest Cut of Beef?

The leanest cut of beef is the eye round roast, which is located in the round primal. All cuts of beef from the round primal are incredibly lean due to their location on the cow.

What Part of the Cow is Brisket?

Brisket is located on the breast area, or lower chest portion, of the cow.

What Are the Cheapest Cuts of Beef?

The cheapest cuts of beef will come from the round primal. This includes top round steak, also known as london broil, sirloin tip steak, top round roast, eye of round steak, and eye of round roast.

How Many Steaks in a Cow?

You can yield approximately 120 to 180 cuts of steaks per the average 1200 lb. to 1400 lb. cow.

How Many Ribs Does a Cow Have?

Cows have 13 pairs of ribs for a total of 26 ribs. The first 5 pairs of ribs belong to the chuck primal and the last 6 pairs of ribs belong to the rib primal.

What Are the Primal Cuts of Beef?

The 8 primal cuts of beef are chuck, rib, loin, round, flank, plate, brisket, and shank.

Beef Cuts Diagram

Use the beef cuts diagram below as a guide to the type of beef primals and which portion cuts come from each primal. Use our printable beef cuts chart for your convenience.

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