The 411 on CLA’s and Grass-Fed Beef

Why Grass-Fed:  Our cows munch on omega-3-rich grass produced from our use of regenerative agricultural practices.  This gives you a healthier, tastier option than grain-fed beef.  This also allows our animals to be more humanely raised, out in the open pastures instead of a compact feedlot where our animals get to choose what they want to eat.  Kind of like a growing salad bar, versus the GMO laden diet of heavy grains and additives to promote quick growth.

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  • Best ground beef I've eaten! Browned up so nicely and made a great spaghetti sauce. The beef at the store just doesn't add up. Thank you!

    - Greg T.

  • Tomatoes and grass-fed beef make this mama happy. Thank you so much LRF for your dedication to raising healthy things for my family to eat. My kids enjoyed the tour of the farm as well. They have been asking when they can come back and see more.

    - Susan H.

  • There's a definite difference in the taste of Los Rios' beef vs what I can get at the grocery store!  Living so close to the farm, I see first hand how the animals are fed and treated.

    - Jennifer B.