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Los Rios Farm Regenerative Organics

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Twenty - One Pound Packages of Ground
Grass-Fed Beef

Think about when you had that scrumptious delicious burger that is forever clamped to your brain and taste buds. A taste that has never been duplicated.  The beef was tender, melted in your mouth, juicy but not runny and a texture that reminded you of eating a steak.  As you ate it, it stayed in a patty and accentuated the char-broiled build your own meal, not just a greasy slider.   Well that is what our ground beef will give you. A chance to rediscover that exquisite experience.  Whether you make delicious hamburgers, mixed tacos seasoned to perfection (I love soft shells but won't turn down that crunchy taco) or stuffed peppers that look like a painters palate.  Our beef is a bright red color, speckled with the marbling that you cherish in a great steak providing a flavor that will be memorable.

This is our highest rated product!

Create a new family adventure with TACO Night.  Who can resist making your own twist on vegetables and sauces???  Our ground beef is an 85/15 mix and you won't have that excess fat in the bottom of the pan that you normally find with commercial ground beef, it cooks into the burger.

FREE SHIPPING  Get that order straight to your door, ready to go into your freezer.  Twenty - One Pound Packages in a sealed insulated box held cold by dry ice.


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